About Us

Blisson ~ Health On... Joy On...

Blisson has its name originated from "Continuous Bliss" Means "Continuous Complete Satisfaction...for Best of Health".

With Blisson, we promise to deliver joy for all our stakeholders including employees, business associates and most importantly the Physicians who are working hard every day to bring positive changes in lives of patients.

Blisson wants to stay true to its name and therefore endeavours to take continuous steps-to foresee the healthcare needs of community and bring novel and innovative pharmaceutical products that can provide unparallel medical results that surpasses the expectations. We are poised to grow in magnitude, steering towards a healthier and joyful world. We are committed to provide wellbeing and happiness.

Blisson's Truthful Vision & Purpose

Blisson's Truthful Vision & Purpose

Our purpose is to gather billions of smiles from our patients for their relief and improved quality of life. Our vision is to count our patient smile turnover for many years to come, it is this objective which will help us to bring more value to all our stake holders. With these smiles in our stride, we want to expand into many more segments beyond Gynaecology and Orthopaedics soon.

Blisson's Obstinate Mission

We at Blisson, believe that there is always an opportunity to improve. Our quest to provide better therapies and treatment options will be our ardent commitment. This continuous thirst for improvement will help us bring newer therapies. We also intend to match the good expectations in all possible way for our Physicians, Employees and Business Partners.

Blisson's Fortes & Expertise

Blisson is well supported to have Incredibly New & Novel Product Pipeline for coming 10 Years, New and Superior Molecules with Advanced Technologies.

Blisson is supported with World Class Manufacturing Facilities with 5 Manufacturing Plants across India.

Our product manufacturing capacity is

10 Crs Tablets /month
5 Crs Capsule / month
100 Tons Pellets/month
10 Lacs Sachets / month

Blisson has support of Advanced Formulation Development Facility with its Own Patented Technologies and innovations like

Blisson's Assurance for Quality & Trust

Blisson is well supported with in-house formulation and development units, which helps us calibrate best quality and assured efficacy. We are backed with significant exposure to bulk drugs. This helps us resource the best quality APIs, which results into the highly effective medicines. We have set our standards of zero deviation in Quality with manufacturing facilities which are WHO - GMP approved.

We have our in-house DCGI compliance facility to clinically test the formulation that we launch

It is the trust of our stakeholders and physicians which motivates us to excel with newer innovations and therapies.

Joyful Blisson Family

Blisson strongly believes in Ubuntu i.e. 'I am, because you are',  A concept of common humanity & Oneness.

The Ubuntu philosophy articulates such important values as respect, human dignity, compassion, solidarity and consensus, which encourages conformity and loyalty to the group.

We follow Ubuntu completely as it means love, truth, peace, happiness, eternal optimism, inner goodness which leads to Blissfulness.

We strive to enhance the joyfulness of our family-employees.